AIBM specializes in home equity loans, offering more flexible options and attractive rates than the larger banks. Our team of bankers will help you find a loan with reasonable terms and great rates so you can consolidate high-interest consumer debt with a lower interest loan. What’s more, our streamlined approval process will help you quickly get the funds you need.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Term offered: 10-year draw period with interest-only payments, followed by a 15-year repayment period.


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Purchasing a new home or refinancing can be as stressful as it is exciting. It is one of the most important and personal investments you will ever make. You must determine how to balance your hopes and expectations with your financial situation. The bankers at AIBM understand. We work with you to assess your finances and help you obtain the best possible terms so you can feel 100 percent comfortable with your loan decision. Additionally, AIBM’s streamlined process is designed to get you into your home faster. Whatever your situation, AIBM can help get you into a home you love with a payment you can comfortably afford.

First Mortgage / Refinancing Options:
  • Conventional loans/fixed or variable rate
  • FHA and VA loans
  • A variety of financing programs you may not find elsewhere
  • Jumbo loans/fixed and variable rate
  • Innovative down payment, qualifying and payment options
  • Face-to-face application process – anywhere, any time

NMLS Company ID: 404940

Tom Fleck – NMLS Loan Originator ID: 332216

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